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Soccer Game SetSoccer Game Set


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The Material is Safe and Easy to Disassemble: The Soccer Game Set is filled with pure cotton, which is very light and safe; in addition, the design of the Soccer Set is easy to install and disassemble, so that parents can rest assured and let their children have fun, so the soccer game is a very suitable game for children.
High-viscosity Adhesion on The Spherical Surface: The surface of the Soccer game is designed with strong adhesion. The surface of the ball is highly viscous. When you shoot, it can stick firmly to the goal cloth according to the angle and strength of your shot, according to your expected route. On, to ensure the accuracy of your shots, while increasing the fun of your game.
Multi-Scene and Multi-Purpose Use: The flexible design of this soccer game set can be used in various environments, including courtyards, grass fields, football fields, and because it is light enough, it will not cause any damage indoors; Whether the soccer games is hung on the wall or placed on the ground, it can achieve accurate shooting.
Perfect Gift for Kids: Children’s soccer game set is an excellent gift for kids, it not only encourages parents and children to establish communication and interaction, but also can better participate in children’s growth and education and cultivate harmony by playing football with children Family relationship, with precious memories; act quickly, companionship is the best education for children.